Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy Hebrew and Judaic Studies Curriculum Overview

One of the principles upon which the Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy was founded is to provide our students with a strong foundation in Hebrew language and Jewish literacy. Mastery in Hebrew, Jewish history, traditional texts, religious and folk customs, and synagogue skills provide a tool set which has guided and sustained our people for thousands of years.

In the context of a positive learning environment and integration of the Hebrew and Judaic Studies curriculum with secular academic subjects, our learners come to understand what it means to be a Jew in contemporary times, perceiving and responding to the world through the moral and ethical guidelines of our tradition.

The Hebrew and Judaic Studies curriculum at the Meyer Academy broadens and deepens the learners' understanding and appreciation of the culture and tradition. In most grades, native speakers teach the Hebrew language. In Judaic Studies and Te'fillah (prayer), each grade level has learning objectives, and our Hebrew/Judaic Studies teachers have the input and support of the head of Hebrew/Judaic Studies, community rabbis, other Jewish educators, and additional outside resources.

Eighth grade students partake on an annual trip to Israel with a mastery of the history, culture and language of the region, and bring with them notes and prayers to the Western Wall. These notes are collected throughout the year from Meyer Academy’s replica of the Western Wall in the school’s courtyard. It is this trip that culminates the total middle school experience at Meyer Academy.

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